Stay Dri dehumidifier removes moisture from hearing aids Portable plastic jar with screw on lid measures approximately 2½” H and 3½” W Depth of jar space with desiccant 1½” deep and large enough for two traditional BTEs Microwaveable desiccant Instructions printed conveniently on the actual dehumidifier jar

New and improved bedside tinnitus masker from Sound Oasis Total of 24 sounds Size: 4.9” L x 3.5” W x 5.7” H One year warranty  Features Even better sound quality – improved sound processing delivers CD quality sound 12 sleep/relax/wellness sounds – ocean surf, rain, stream, white noise, forest, thunderstorm, energy chimes, tranquility, alpha clouds,…

Bacteria-free, greaseless lubricant eases insertion of long canal and tight fitting earmolds and hearing instruments One dozen bottles with display Water soluble

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